Other stuff:

 What else do I do, other than linguistics?

 I love quinces, medlars, blackberries, figs and pomegranates, each of which I eat tons of every day, and I am the world's #1 pomegranate juice consumer.  I have recently planted each of these fruits in my garden. I will post pictures here, proudly so!! Quinces and medlars are forgotten fruits (impossible to find in regular grocery stores), while blackberries, figs and pomegranates are slowly making a comeback again. 

What else? I hike and take long walks every day with my beloved wife; some days, we walk up to 20 miles a day. Some of the places where we are most likely to be spotted hiking are: McCormick's Creek State Park, Spring Mill State Park, Clifty Falls State Park, Turkey Run State Park, Brown County State Park.  

I also play soccer, though decreasingly so.